Boomerang Play Centre

Boomerang is a multi-sensory play centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.

We have 3 custom designed play rooms, a large 5 star graded cafe plus accessible toilets & changing room facilities. All play rooms have soft padded walls and floors with hoists to allow children with mobility problems to access each area.

soft play room

This room has a large safe play area containing slides, specialist infinity hut, interactive equipment, projected lighting, tunnels, trampolines and specialist equipment, the floor and walls are padded for comfort and safety.  This room will be used by children with various disabilities and has hoists to allow wheelchair access to the area. This room will develop skills including cause and effect, colour and number recognition and also to develop fine/gross motor skill ideal for children with weak muscle tone.

sensory room

The sensory room is an area to relax in a calming non-threatening environment. It has a relaxing sensory bed, infinity panel, bubble tube, fibre optic curtain, ball pool and projector lighting, all this equipment is used for various therapy sessions and sensory integration. The room has a padded floor and walls. Hoists allow full access to the room for wheelchair users. This room will be used for those with visual and hearing impairment, complex health needs, severe learning difficulties and children with challenging behaviour to calm them and help them relax.


Our state-of-the-art interactive learning environment encourages the use of the senses as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Ceiling-mounted projectors create a unique affect allowing children to interact with various games on the floor. these include playing a piano, rustling leaves, kicking a football, attracting frogs, disco dancing and catching fish.

The games and interactive experiences change every few minutes to keep children interested. This also ensures there’s something that children of all abilities can enjoy.


At Boomerang we have a 5 star graded cafe offering delicious hot and cold food, drinks and snacks.

Our extensive children’s menu includes sandwiches, fishfingers, sausages, pizza, eggs, beans, toast, spaghetti and prices range from £1.50 – £3.

Boomerang’s adult menu includes sandwiches, toasties and paninis with a wide range of fillings as well as burgers, full english breakfasts and soup. Prices range from £2.50 – £4

Halal, Vegetarian and Baby Foods available too.

Tea, coffee, cappucino, latte, hot chocolate, cans and juice all available to drink as well as a selection of cakes, biscuits and chocolate for a snack.

We can accommodate any dietary requirements, please contact the centre to discuss your needs.


Our Centre

Boomerang was founded in November 2007 by a group of parents and carers of disabled children in the Bury area.

Finding places to take these children, who have various and complex learning difficulties, to play was a problem. The usual venues such as Wacky Warehouse, Bowling and other play centres were not always suitable due to lack of wheelchair access, noise and many other problems. A lot of these special people find busy, noisy, fun places overwhelming, and are often upset by the kind of things that able-bodied children love.


Within easy reach of Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale and other parts of Lancashire & Greater Manchester – and with three high quality play rooms, children of all abilities will have great fun. Please do not hesitate to contact the centre to discuss specific requirements.

Birthday parties are available every Saturday and Sunday.

Exclusive use of the centre can be arranged.

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