Emma Birkett, the project manager and whose idea Boomerang was, has a daughter with Autism and learning difficulties. She decided the answer was to provide a Unique Sensory Play Centre in Bury. Boomerang would be accessible to all the surrounding areas e.g. Bolton, Rossendale, Oldham, Salford, etc via its great motorway links and also access to the Metrolink.

In order to achieve her goal Emma estimated that she needed to raise in the region of £250,000. The next stage in the process was to form a committee to help her to start fund raising, after which it was decided that, to gain more benefit and increase our profile, we would have to register as a charity. An application was made to the charities commission and we were accepted and granted charitable status in 2008. There were various events held to raise funds, and over the next three years Boomerang made lots of friends and contacts. They consist of many people who have been very generous either financially or with their time.

We are also very proud to be sponsored by Barclays who have kindly arranged charitable fund raising throughout 2011 which will be donated to Boomerang. Along with this they have been invaluable in supporting us with professional and technical advice and administrative solutions.

Upon reaching the target we needed to open, the next phase was to find suitable premises in the right location, which was finally done at the beginning of 2011. The ideal spot was found in Unit 2, Woodhill Street, Bury.

In June 2011 the dream became a reality and Boomerang opened!