Boomerang multi- sensory play centre is a charity that was established in Bury, Lancashire in 2007. It has a large play room, a sensory room and a fully immersive interactive room. It is the largest multi-sensory play environment in the Northwest that caters for children with special needs, and all children regardless of their abilities.

Boomerang has been specifically designed to ensure all children with any disability has access to a sensory environment that caters for their needs.

Boomerang allows every child the opportunity to play, regardless of their ability. Our mission statement is therefore:

“We believe every child should have the opportunity to have fun in a safe and stimulating environment”.

There are three main sensory /therapy rooms available:

Sensory Room

The sensory room offers a calm non-threatening environment to relax in.  It has a vibrating bed, infinity panel, bubble panel, fibre optic curtain, ball pool and projector lighting, vibrating wall panel, all this equipment is used for various therapy sessions and sensory integration.  The room has a padded floor and walls.  Hoists allow full access to the room for wheelchair users.  This room helps to support those with visual and hearing impairment, complex health needs, severe learning difficulties and children with challenging behaviour to calm them and help them relax. This room is suitable for children from birth upwards.

The interactive suite

The equipment in the interactive suite allows the room to be multi-functional, and be used for various activities from a calm environment to a more interactive environment which encourages the use of the main senses as well as fine gross motor skills and allows the room to become an interesting learning environment. The interactive projector allows children to interact with various programmes, games, musical instruments using their hands, feet, and any part of their body which is a fantastic learning tool for children with limited movement, hearing impairment, vision loss, and children with learning disabilities.  This room has a hoist to allow children full access to the equipment. This room is suitable for children approximately 6 months and over.

Large Multi-Sensory Room

This room has a large safe play frame containing slides, specialist infinity hut’s, interactive equipment, a large ball pool, projected lighting, tunnels, trampolines, and specialist equipment. The play frame is fully accessible for adults and carers to support their children, creating a great opportunity to play and explore together.  The floor and walls are padded for comfort and safety and offer further soft play fun opportunities.  This room has a hoist to allow wheelchair access to the area.  This room helps to develop skills including cause and effect, colour, and number recognition and to develop fine/gross motor skills ideal for children with weak muscle tone. This room is suitable for children approximately 8 months and over.

Our 5* awarded café offers an extensive menu with a wide selection of savoury dishes, snacks, cold drinks, tea, and coffee.

We offer a changing place room where clients can be hoisted in privacy with access to a height adjustable changing bed, a disabled toilet and ceiling hoist.

All our rooms have hoists to allow full access to each room.

The centre uses PECS (picture exchange communication) to allow non-verbal children to communicate their needs and understand their environment.

All our rooms are fully airconditioned allowing you to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

All our fire exits are fully alarmed giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your little ones are unable to leave the premises without our team being alerted via our alarm system.

Our small Boomerang staff team have extensive knowledge of supporting children and adults with special needs. We offer all our visitors a person-centred approach and will work closely with families/carers to discuss specific requirements prior to attending to ensure you get the best out of your visit to Boomerang.

Boomerang is a registered charity (charity number 1140790). We need to raise ongoing funds to purchase and replace our specialist equipment. We are grateful for everyone’s ongoing support, allowing us to continue offering this much needed provision. If you would like to make a donation or feel that you can support us in any way, please contact reception and speak to a member of our team on 0161 764 4842

Boomerang welcomes hundreds of children every month from all over the Northwest and provides much needed facilities for children from special schools, special needs play schemes, respite centres, portage, community groups, family support groups, hospices and carers and parents of children with special needs as well as being privately booked by adults with disabilities.  The children who visit our centre have a wide range of needs.  A significant number have complex needs, autism, medical needs, mobility needs, learning disabilities, others have terminal illnesses.